The artist collaborated with art teacher Mark Shafer and his advanced art students at Fairfield High School to continue the historic theme of the bridge on the interior concrete curb. Ceramic tiles designed and created by Ms. Bales, Mr. Shafer, and his students depict details of Louden barn blueprints and are embedded in the concrete curb. A total of 171 tiles, grouped in sets of three, adorn the bridge interior, giving a sense of intimacy and human scale to the bridge. The historic nature of the tiles makes them nostalgic for older members of the community and educational for the young. The involvment of the students helped instill pride in the bridge, which has remained free from vandalism.

The tiles were entirely installed by local volunteers. Professional tilers from the community volunteered their time to direct the many unskilled members of the community who assisted. The team of volunteers dramatically cut installation costs.

Trail users continue to comment positively about the bridge and the tiles.

Photographs of students courtesy of the Fairfield Ledger