Shown at Omaha Fashion Week, August, 2021

Model: Selena Wanaka

Beauty: Models and OFW Beauty Alliance

Photo: Kathy Rae Photography

The works in this line exude energy and a sophisticated disarray, exemplifying an unhindered creative process tempered with artistic knowledge and experience.  This effect is achieved by devices such as marked contrast of scale, texture, color and value. Smooth and textured areas play off each other as do simple and complex areas.   Labor intensive techniques combine with spontaneous and expressive elements. A sense of energy and movement dominates as models walk the runway in these works, even while knotting and binding are evident in each piece. 

Conceptually, this line grows from the designer’s interest in the spiritual nature of life and her lifelong search for freedom within the restraints of corporeal existence, by which we are all bound.  The tightly worked areas visually bind and contain the figure, while freedom of movement by the models walking the runway show triumph over bondage.  

Unlike many fashion shoots, the emphasis in this photo experience was relaxation, laughter and comradery among the designer, models and photographer.  The photographer cultivated a lovely rapport with the models and created fashion portraiture that went beyond simply showcasing the garment.