This is a private residential installation in a country home in southeastern Iowa. The clients wanted an art work or works that would showcase a group of custom hand-blown glass globes by Garcia Art Glass in San Antonio, Texas. Artist and clients worked closely to identify specific locations within the home for a series of artworks.

The clients enjoy whimsical objects and soft colors in their environment. The artist worked with standard industrial aluminum to create ribbon-like shapes that selectively incorporate the globes into the artworks.

The entry room features a garland that was carefully designed to reflect the gardens and Iowa landscape viewed through the window without obstructing this view. Aluminum ribbons flare into leaf-like forms that both enclose and reveal the glass globes.

For photos of the other two components of this installation seeĀ Metal Ribbons I.

  • Materials: Aluminum wire, glass by Garcia Art Glass
  • 2013
  • Photos by the artist