The Vault is a small gallery space created from an old banker’s vault, located within the Infinite Om Bookstore in Fairfield, Iowa. The weathered walls and arched ceiling create an intimate and mysterious space for installation. This proved to be an ideal location for Veil, an installation created from zip ties that has also been shown in Des Moines, Iowa and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

On the opening night, dancers Wendy Stegall, Sebastiana Bales, Regine Constant, Meret Giacomini and Suzanne Stryker wore artwear also constructed from zip ties and improvised a variety of movements, sounds and mimes in the space. For images of the dancers see: Veil at the Vault.

The installation is sponsored by Teeple Hansen Gallery.

  • Materials: Plastic cable (zip) ties
  • 2013
  • Photos by the artist