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Solo exhibition, Sauk Art Gallery

Sauk Valley Community College, Dixon, Illinois


Statement about the show: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Interstices in the following way:
Interstices are the cracks and crevices of life, and the word is often used for both the literal and figurative gaps of the world. In modern uses, interstice can even refer to gaps in time or to special niches in the larger expanse of something else.

The works in this exhibition reflect my fascination with those things that fall between the events, conversations and relationships that we consider our existence to be made of. Often, truth and reality lie between the things by which we define our lives, much like the idiom “between the lines”. Thoughts left unsaid, experiences unable to be expressed and feelings that can’t be described or are too intimate to do so, often direct our lives far more than the more obvious appearances and words by which we navigate through our external world.

My work is typically a direct response to materials and techniques that are accessible to me, expressing beauty as I perceive it through form, texture and color. Nonetheless, as I manipulate grids, fabrics and wire into new and often twisted or mangled forms, these works have become a metaphor for me for the ideas described above.