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Some photos from my latest projects EcoJam 2015 Posted by Judy Bales Design on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

EcoJam 2015

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EcoJam is an annual Fairfield, Iowa community collaboration that showcases local and international clothing designers. However, it’s more than just your typical fashion show… EcoJam only features only sustainable fashion! According to their website, …EcoJam has kept the emphasis on showcasing … Continued

Graphic Designer Stuart Friedman

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Stuart Friedman is one of the first people I met when I moved to Fairfield, Iowa in 1984.  Over the years I have watched and admired his work evolve as a graphic designer. Stuart Friedman’s 40 years as a professional graphic designer embraces … Continued

Omaha Fashion Week

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I am very happy to have been selected to participate in Omaha Fashion Week for their March show.  I will show in the avant garde category and I proposed a theme of “The Night Sky”.  I will create 12 garments … Continued

Halston & Warhol

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Yesterday I saw Silver & Suede/Halston & Warhol at the Des Moines Art Museum. Fascinating exploration of the “interconnected lives and creative practices” of Halston and Andy Warhol. I am thrilled with the trend in recent years for art museums … Continued

Stuart McCall Libby monoprints

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These are works by an old friend, Stuart Libby who I knew in Athens, Georgia during the 1970’s and 80’s. These are oils on paper/monoprints and have beautiful transparency and atmospheric effects. The one shown above brings to mind the compositions and … Continued

Finding Beauty, Interview with Tony Ellis

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This is a terrific artist interview I came across made by Marc Baraka Strauch.  In Finding Beauty, Tony Ellis speaks eloquently about his work and about beauty as a language of connection.  I especially love the way he describes the work coming out … Continued

Photos of EcoJam by Marc Baraka Strauch

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Recently I ran into Marc Strauch, an old friend I hadn’t seen since perhaps the early 1990’s.  I think we both enjoyed seeing how each other’s work has evolved.  He forwarded some really great documentation he took of the entire … Continued


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This installation was featured in an exhibit at ICON Gallery, Fairfield, Iowa. The show was curated by Ken Dubin and included 11 artists residing in Iowa who explore play, quirk and a tongue-in-cheek aesthetic. Visit the Icon Gallery site for more … Continued

Iowa Crafts: The Winners

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MASON CITY | Gratia Brown of Cedar Rapids received Best in Show in Iowa Crafts: 41 for her hand-built assembled ceramic artwork, “Triumph of Foam Over Mertar.” Award winners were announced at the opening reception of at the Charles H. … Continued

Interface: Fabricate

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The artist was invited to be the featured artist at the the runway show Fabricate, part of the 2013 International Surface Design Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  She also served as one of three initial on-line jurors for the runway show … Continued

Thinking Inside the Box: Infinity Within the Finite

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Thinking Inside the Box   To obtain a copy of the issue which contains this article see To read related articles on fractals see To read related articles on African American quilting traditions see